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Doc Bailey’s Leather Care Products

Doc Bailey’s Leather Care Products are perfect for all your leather riding gear, leather furniture, bike seats, automotive interiors and most vinyl. Crocodile Lile is your one stop source for these fine products. Clean, protect and waterproof all your leather with Doc Bailey’s! Wholesalers welcome here. Inquire as to discount pricing.

Doc Bailey’s Riding in the Rain Formula is a non-aerosal suede and fabric protector that provides an invisible, water repellent barrier to repel water and prevent stains. Waterproof virtually anything!

Order any Doc Bailey product and get a bottle of Riding in the Rain for an additional $10.00! Doc Bailey’s Riding in the Rain Formula waterproofs virtually anything!

The first leather care product designed exclusively for black riding leathers. Doc Bailey’s Leather Black restores lost color, cleans, nourishes and waterproofs all your black smooth leather. Excellent for Jackets, Chaps, Gloves, Boots, Shoes, Saddlebags, Bike Seats and so much more.

The original Doc Bailey’s Leather Tonic is a one-step, total care product for leather and most vinyl. Clean and restore softness and vitality to all your leather. Doc Bailey’s gives your leather a beautiful, high gloss finish that protects and helps repel water.