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Croc’s Route 66 Clocks

Croc’s Route 66 Clocks are all custom hand made from the finest materials and are guaranteed to last for 6 years! These lighted clocks are made with a 25000 hour 110 – 115 volt rope light for that classy neon look. The clock itself is battery operated (batteries are included). All clocks are made with a genuine used motor cycle tire. Below you will find examples of some of Croc’s Custom Clock Designs. Please use the handy contact form to let Croc know what you’re looking for.

Each clock is a unique work of art that will be the envy of all your friends. Below you will find some of Croc’s great designs. These are examples only and are not for sale. Just imagine what your rec. room, den or party room will look like with one of Croc’s Clocks on the wall. Croc can build a clock for you using your own design. Just choose the design you would like and use the handy online form (below) to send your request to Crocodile Lile. You can even request a totally original design of your own. Let Croc know. Croc will get back to you with the details. Allow four weeks for building and delivery of your custom clock.

These clocks are from my personal collection & are examples only of what we can do with your personal decals. These clocks are not for sale. Contact Crocodile Lile with your specific design details.

Genuwine Texas Cow Chip Clocks, handmade by TEXAS cattle and finished by Crocodile Lile himself. All Cow Chip Clocks are at least 9 inches in diameter and sealed with Kraft Kote – so you won’t get your hands dirty! An item every Texan and Yankee alike can be proud to hang on their wall.